When decorating, I find that most people get side tracked by shiny objects and they end up buying things that they thought they liked in the store but when they get home they find that it doesn’t work with the look they were trying to achieve.

My specialty is choosing all the décor items that will be used in the space we are decorating. I have a one-track mind once I have a vision and there isn’t much I love more than bringing that vision to life for our clients. Except maybe cheetah print. I really love cheetah print.

I love to have fun and my favorite is when I get to work with clients who love to laugh and are excited about bringing their Pinterest dream boards to life!!


xo, Donica





My Story

One of the biggest challenges clients come to me with is having a large room that they don’t know what to do with. You know that room, it either has really high ceilings or is very long and awkward. Those are kind of my favorite because it gives me a chance to be creative and customize the space for my clients. Space planning is my jam and once I’m done gathering all the decor I get to work with putting it in places you wouldn’t think it could go. My brain works a little out of the box that way. Basically, if I’m coming over, expect for us to be best friends and for all your furniture to be rearranged by the time I leave. 

I love all things decorating related and are pretty eclectic with my style. One of my favorite things to do is search for bargains. I love a good antique store and you'd be surprised at what you could find at your local Goodwill. I love to create beauty from things that have been overlooked, bringing them back full circle and using them in my home and the homes of my clients. 


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