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"90 Percent of home buyers searched online at some point during their home buying process."

(NAR 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.)

Guys, that's a big number! What does that mean for you and your clients? That means your inventory better be presented beautifully and professionally online so that when buyers are searching homes for sale your listing stands out from the crowd!

Today we are talking about some tips that you can give to your sellers to help when taking photos that you will use for your listing. 

When we do a staging consultation, there are a few tips we share with our clients. These are at the top of our list for what clients can do to get them ready to list their home for sale. Today we are sharing our tips for Realtors working with sellers!

Make that first impression count!

The first step is getting your clients on board. They need to understand that the photos of their home are important and that it will be where most potential buyers will be seeing their home for the first time. Buyers will make a decision based on the photos on whether or not to set up a showing with their realtor. How will they fall in love with your listing if they don't love the pictures?!

Before you are ready to take photos your clients need to do some prep work...


What we see most often is that people have too much stuff.. It is very distracting for buyers, and when they can't see past the decor or clutter, they will move on. 

I understand this can be a sensitive topic with sellers. A tip on getting them to understand this process is to recommend that they pack away anything that they aren't currently using on a daily basis. Typically this would include things like collectibles, trophies, extra clothing or blankets. Really anything that would distract a buyer from seeing the full potential of the home.

Remember, you are the professional and your goal is to sell their home. So be confident in your recommendation but kind in your delivery. 

As stagers, this is usually our first tip for sellers. Our goal is for rooms to appear large and open, clutter creates the opposite of that feeling. 


Clean, clean, clean. We can't stress this enough. If buyers are distracted by messy rooms in photos they may not even bother to schedule a showing! 

Again, another sensitive topic, I know. It's all about your delivery on this one. Make it part of what you recommend be done before you get there to take photos. You can also recommend a local professional cleaning service for clients that are too busy or seem too overwhelmed by the task.

Another thing to remember is that buyers aren't just buying the living room and kitchen, they're buying everything. The whole house needs to be taken into consideration. So keep in mind, they will be looking in closets, cabinets, and under the sink. It is so important for these areas to be clutter free as well... everyone wants more closets and storage space! So having less things in your closets and cabinets will have buyers realizing there is plenty of room for them to move right in!


Keep it light and bright. When taking photos use as much natural light as possible! When possible, take photos earlier in the day when you can. Open the shades to let in as much natural light as possible. Sometimes adding lamps or brighter bulbs can help to achieve a lighter look in the room. 

Another way you can make this happen is by editing. We love this app, Photo Editor Polarr, they have great tutorials on how to lighten photos and get rid of shadows. You will be amazed at how much of a difference this will make!

The right lighting will help to really display what you are selling. It helps make rooms appear bigger and helps buyers to see the home in it's best light, helping them to imagine their furniture and themselves in the home. 

All these things we mentioned can be done by professionals; photographers, cleaning services, home stagers... These tips are for sellers who are budget friendly and want to be a step ahead. We have many clients who do these steps and have us come in just to arrange furniture and artwork to optimize their floor space. It's a way to get a little more bang for your buck! 

What are your struggles with helping sellers prep their home to be market ready? We love to help in any way we can.. leave your questions in the comments below or you can head over to our contact page to send us a direct email. 

xo, Fiona & Donica 

Zen Inspired Massage Room on a Budget


Hi friends! Let's start you off with a little back story... Jon (a.k.a. Fiona's finance) is a massage therapist.  He provides a service that is focused on pain relief and postural correction. Click here to learn more about Direct Effect. His massages are out of this world and he is so passionate about healing and creating a practice of overall well being for his clients.

 He came to us because he felt his room needed a little love and he didn't know where to start or what direction he wanted to go in. We were so excited to get to work and create a space that would bring Jon's services to the next level!

 So, we had a couple things to keep in mind when we were planning this room. First thing was that the room is small. Like really small. Jon is sometimes up against the wall while he is working on clients. 

Also we had to consider the type of service he provides being more of a healing experience and not just a serviced based solely on relaxation.

Also, his clientele is something to keep in mind. Who is going to be in the room? He has a good mix of clientele, some are young some are older. Some male some female.  How are they walking around the space? Some clients have a hard time walking because of pain so we had to make sure there was room for them to get around- no tight corners or tripping hazards. 

Did we mention that he's on a budget? When I say budget I mean he is just starting out in business so as close to nothing as possible. 

Good thing we love a challenge!

Let's start with some before shots....

zen room before 4.jpg

Looking at this photo we felt that  we could work with the wall color. The wall art was actually a gift that we had bought Jon when he started his new business, It is also very similar to the Direct Effect logo, so we knew that was staying. 

zen room before 1.jpg
zen room before 5.jpg

I know, I know... it's functional - I get it. Kind of.

Don't worry we fixed it. 

Keep scrolling...


zen room before 2.jpg

Makes a little more sense now that you see it is in a gym, and not in the typical salon or spa setting, but still more of the same thing.... it almost feels cold and clinical. 

Needless to say we were totally on board for this challenge of creating a space that was warm, inviting, relaxing but still masculine.

Here are the afters...

zen 2.jpg
Zen Room 1.jpg
zen 4.jpg

We ended up putting Jon to work! We added a bunch of fabric.. on the walls and around the shelving unit he already had in the room. The fabric we used are actually curtain panels that we found at Good Will!

Something you might not know about Good Will: There are certain Good Wills that Target donates their clearance items to. Yes. You read that correctly. We find Target items that are marked half off clearance prices at Good Will and are brand new! 

We made that blanket ladder that you see in the corner (tutorial coming soon!) The blankets, also brand new from Target, we also found at Good Will. Fabric really helps to keep the room feeling super cozy. 

zen room 8.jpg

We knew we wanted to add a lot of plants to his room to help add warmth and texture. Most of the accessories we found on sale at Marshalls and Home Goods. Some at the dollar spot at Target. 

zen 3.jpg
zen 5.JPG

Do you recognize that we used the same shelf he already had just covered it up with our Good Will curtains!

zen room 7.jpg

The large wall tapestry is actually from Below Five. It helped add some color to the room in a non-committal way. Not to mention it was under $5.00! Score!

What are some of your favorite places to find deals? We are always looking for new ways to save money!

We are so happy with the finished product and it was fun having to overcome the challenges that were apart of the room. Best part is that Jon couldn't wait to go to work on Monday!